Concept of an educational IT cluster
Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El Republic, Russia

client: iSpring

February-March, 2019

«Canyon» and «Amphitheater» are the buildings that form the semantic core of the educational cluster. They are central to every event which takes place there. Knowledge (the school building) and Skills (the infoschool building) are adjacent to Canyon and Amphitheater and communicate with them.

Behind the main facade, there are computer classrooms, science laboratories, a sports hall, and an events hall. There are staff rooms and robotics classrooms on the ground floor. All these facilities are full of people and steam with activity all day long. They form an urban image of an education center.

Classes of elementary and secondary school form a slope overlooking the river and the school yard. The steps of this slope serve as terraces, which are accessible from recreational zones of classes, so it is very easy to move the study process outside anytime or just let fresh air get inside classrooms. The classrooms and an elementary school playroom on the ground floor have access to open air spaces of an elementary school’s yard.

Between the city facade of the education center and the “steps” of classes of the school block there is the Canyon—the main social and event facility. This central space consists of a lobby, a recreational block, computer classes and laboratories, an events hall, a lecture hall; there are also rooms for administration and robotics classrooms. For big events, the Canyon can easily be reconfigured to actively or passively involve all its spaces.

Sports, ballet, yoga halls, together with a cluster of administrative rooms, create a shape of the Amphitheater, which can be involved in different scenarios of simultaneous use. Over the Amphitheater, there are two kinds of passages: the passages between recreational zones of the school proper and the passages between science laboratories and recreational zones of computer and language rooms.