Concept of urban open spaces for Scandinavia А101 residential district
New Moscow, Russia

  • client: А101, Moscow
  • partner: MLA+ SPb


Design code of urban open spaces is a catalog of design solutions used in the project. The code is an absolute necessity for such big projects as a residential district since it offers a shift from multiple local design solutions to a smaller set of generalized solutions. The code establishes integrity and common character of all solutions, which are specified in the urban open spaces concept of the project.

All local solutions of the project have their own codes. An alpha-numeric code of every solution contains a category / options / constructive specifics of each type of design solutions.

Experience proves that to code such information, it is enough to have a four-unit alpha-numeric code. It is also important to offer a machine-readable format of the code since it will be used for the automation of some processes, such as generation of cost sheets or specifications and machine processing of the variants of design solutions.

Part of the design code is code processing software (a self-executable script), which makes assessing solutions and generating project documentation much faster.

Design code contains visualization and a short note for each component of design solutions and each component of a code for design solutions.