Concept of a regional center on the embankment of Karpovka river in Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • client: administration of the Petrogradsky District of Saint Petersburg
  • partners: Karpovka’s Friends research group, independent expert platform OpenUrbanLab SPb

Autumn 2017 – Winter 2018
concept, presentation, technical report

Karpovka river’s banks consist not only of a variety of different landscapes but a number of environments — industrial development, new residential blocks, historic development, medical facilities; constructivism and Stalinist Empire style. It also encompasses interests of various socio-cultural groups: students, clerks, local residents, entrepreneurs, etc.

On the basis of the research the group Karpovka’s Friends carried out, there was created an integrated design solution, which was taken for public and expert discussion. It involves both the ways to connect urban open spaces (a bicycle and a pedestrian network, running and walking paths) and unique solutions (amphitheater bridges for pedestrians and cyclists, pontoon embankments, floatable modules), which significantly broaden public functions of water areas and a variety of available forms of communal services.