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  • Since the term MODERNITY in all its interpretations is courtesy of philosophy, esthetics, and architecture of the XXth century, we try to consider it from the point where we find answers to the two questions: What concepts of what times do our/my believes stem from? In what disposition to them does everything I do or intend to do stand? The term HETEROTOPY was coined by Michel Foucault. When we use it, we imagine that there is a multitude of times that reveal themselves in the results of some activity. This multitude creates a complex heterogeneous space, a certain landscape of senses, a certain material setting.

    Zodchestvo 2020 Festival: review, mental map of the state of craft

    Some projects call the present to go higher, to reach the future of high technologies, claiming that the uninvolved shall perish in singularity. Others deny the necessity of such leaps and compete with multiple versions of the present to establish which one is “more present” than the others. There are also projects which persistently preach that both the present and the future have to be highly spiritual, and this can only be achieved by redeeming / mobilizing / allowing ourselves to inherit the concepts and images of the past, distant or not. As a result, a multitude of concepts from a multitude of times co-habit, manifest themselves, establish themselves in the time which is modern to us.

    • What time within our time do giant design institutions inherit?
    • How are the new beginnings scattered across the time-diverse landscape?
    • Which concepts are philosophers and social scientists bringing to the foreground?


    is an image of a Russian landscape of craft in the current century, an image showing where there are gaps, where there is cohesion, where there are kernels/bubbles/clouds, an image showing how all this is animated, from what to what state it is moving.


    • The image of the future in the present
    • The image of the future in the past
    • The image of the present in the future
    • The image of the present in the past
    • The image of the past in the future
    • The image of the past in the present


    • End of enlightenment / Master figure
    • New ones х 10
    • Legacy / Futurocide / Anthropocene
    • Social and cultural design / Sustainability
    • Russian architecture overseas / Overseas architecture in Russia
    • Architecture and media
    • Architecture of the digital era / Architecture outside architecture / Architecture as a science
    • Teaching design: schools / courses / sects


    • curatorial exposition / children’s zone / halls — central canyon, textile installation, 1000 m2 of floor space
    • workshops / regions / competitions — ribbed cardboard panels, 1150 m2 of floor space
    • commercial exposition — ribbed cardboard panels, 200 m2 of floor space
    • festival’s administration offices - 80 m2 of floor space